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Sequestration Frustration


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Friday, March 15, 2013, by Frank Kuchar

We are now living in a post-sequestration country and we are being unnecessarily punished by a petulant, childish president. Why is he frustrated? He didn’t get his way, so as a child would, he takes out his frustration by using the sequestration cuts to punish us in the most hurtful ways.

Was the sequestration necessary? Yes. Will it do any good in resolving our fiscal crisis? Of course not, but it was necessary to begin to get some kind of control over government spending and to show that the government, like us, can do with a little less. But let’s be honest; the cuts are too little and ineffective because they only reduce the growth rate of spending. This year, government will still spend more than last year. These cuts also fail to attack the multitude of programs and agencies, many of which have been in place since the 1930s’, and have outlived their usefulness. Now the House has passed a continuing spending resolution that makes even these meager sequestration cuts moot.

The real answer to our frustration is for us to demand that our representatives take a stand on fiscal and constitutional principles and only authorize spending on things to which it is constitutionally restricted. This is the only way to be “fair and balanced” – government in balance with the Constitution and fair to us the taxpayers by requiring less of our hard-earned income.

Should our current representatives fail to take such a stand, then we must vote principled men and women into office in place of those career politicians who are unwilling to do what is best for the future of our country, our children and our grandchildren.


— Frank Kuchar

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