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Another rotten highway bill bad for Arlington


Friday, February 02, 2012 by Buddy Saunders

How does this bill affect the citizens and taxpayers of Arlington? Take a moment to read Jim DeMint’s editorial from the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. DeMint makes it all very clear, but I’d like to add our two cents worth, being very specific about Arlington.

Our mayor and most members of our city council are dedicated to “sustainability,” an extreme agenda that will bankrupt Arlington even as it is bankrupting our nation.

The $60 million dollar bike plan our city council wanted for Arlington came about because city leaders were chasing highway funding that came with lots of strings attached, including a requirement that we add bike lanes where no one bicycles and sidewalks where no one walks.

When our city leaders spend $100,000.00 on a single residential street intersection (Norwood), nothing is sustained but stupidity.  But stupidity is very much what this new highway bill is about—requiring sane people to do insane things in order to qualify for federal dollars.  Far better that we keep our tax dollars at home and use them sensibly to fix our streets—maybe with the help of a few new faces on our city council.

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