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What’s Wrong with the Immigration Bill


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Friday, June 28, 2013, by Frank Kuchar

It’s a hot Friday afternoon and you’re stuck in traffic on your way home from work. You’ve barely covered 100 yards in the past 45 minutes. Suddenly, a car zooms past you on the right-hand shoulder of the road, goes as far up as he can and then forces his way into the line of cars ahead of you. How do you react? Is his behavior ok with you, or do you wish for him to run over a bunch of nails and get four flat tires? I think we’d all fall into that second category, but why? Simple answer – it’s not fair for him to rush up ahead and cut in line when you’ve been sitting there in the heat for such a long time.

If we can understand this scenario, why can’t those in the Senate realize the same principle when it comes to immigration? Millions of immigrants over the years waited their turn and came to this country legally, and thousands more are sitting in their native countries waiting to do the same. They’re playing by the rules of our immigration laws. To permit those who willfully violated these laws to remain in this country (even if they are “penalized” in some manner) and receive special treatment is like that driver zooming ahead and cutting into line.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, it is bad legislation because:

It is a breakdown in the rule of and respect for law.

It fails to secure the border.

It creates more low wage competition for those currently unemployed, especially citizen minorities.

It creates an incentive for employers to hire illegals over citizens as they will not be subject to the regulations and costs of Obamacare.

In short, it will lead to a breakdown of civil society, our fragile economy, and eventually a destruction of our republic and our freedom.

— Frank Kuchar

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One Response to What’s Wrong with the Immigration Bill

  1. sclinesr

    June 28, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    How can we expect our government to enforce all these new laws when they will not enforce the ones we already have? Even if and that is a very big if they do enforce the new laws what have they done to address the what brings them here in the first place? Have they addressed the sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce the laws. What about the Federal state and local benifits that they recieve, paid for by our tax dollars? Is e-verify going to be universal? What about housing? Are we going to require proof of citzenship to be able to rent a house or apartment? Our government has already given defacto amnesty to pedifiles rapists and murders.

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