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City of Arlington Backs Terrible Federal Legislation


Friday November 1, 2013, by Faith Bussey

Our City Council released their Federal Legislative Agenda this past Tuesday. This is a list of Federal laws that they believe would benefit the City of Arlington, laws that should be enacted. Their list reveals what many Arlington citizens have feared. Our city leadership is comprised primarily of irresponsible cronies who give no heed to citizens’ wishes nor the need to wisely manage our scarcest and most precious resource—our tax dollars.

This is what our city has come to.

Apparently, so goes the thinking of Mayor Cluck and Council, without debt, regional planning, federal dollars, and more debt, we can’t take care of the basics in this town.

That is scary, given the vast debt accumulated at every level of government, from Washington to our own City Hall. We, the citizens must demand a new way to do things, and new leaders willing to make the hard decisions that will be better in the long run for our children.


Here is Mayor Cluck and the Council’s idea of a desirable City of Arlington Federal Legislative Agenda:

1) Mayor and Council will actively support the Marketplace Fairness Act, also known as the Internet tax, in order to garner more revenue because it’s “unfair” to the brick and mortar businesses.

This would kill businesses including brick and mortar businesses as many of them buy and sell their merchandise on the Internet.

2) Mayor and Council will oppose any legislative efforts to cap or eliminate the tax exemption for municipal bonds because—they say—without this mechanism, repairs or maintenance to our basic infrastructure would be delayed or nonexistent.

Opinion Arlington asks, what about all that revenue we get from sales taxes that are supposed to be going towards streets and infrastructure, but are being diverted to bike lanes and skate parks? Why couldn’t we cut back in these and other unnecessary areas? Why do we have to go into debt to cover the basics of a local governing body? The idea that repairs to our roads and our infrastructure would be nonexistent without going into more debt is ridiculous.

3) Mayor and Council will actively support the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Authority (WIFIA) as a way to take on more debt to pay for water works projects. Think of this as a Federal Prop. 6. More debt and more waste.

4) Does the following sound like you and I and other citizens who have three times voted down mass transit and who opposed the $65 million bike plan by a better than 90% margin? Or does it sound like a Mayor and his crony Council majority with a budget-busting agenda of their own?


Mayor Cluck and his pals on the Council will (under the subject heading “Surface Transportation”) make Arlington “an active participant in the North Central Texas Council of Governments Regional Transportation Council (RTC). In cooperation with its partners on the RTC, the City has played a lead role in helping shape the transportation plan and broader transportation vision for North Central Texas. In addition, the Arlington City Council has set several overarching priorities for the City, including Enhancing Regional Mobility, with a view to creating a multimodal regional transportation system that seamlessly moves people and goods through North Central Texas.”


“As part of its effort to advance this initiative and further the priority to enhance regional mobility, the City Council allocated funding for a two-year pilot program – a public-private initiative, to connect Downtown Arlington to the Trinity Railway Express (TRE). Called the Metro ArlingtonXPress, or the MAX, this service is providing an express bus service between the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) CentrePort station and the College Park stop located at the University of Texas at Arlington. The City has contracted with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T) to operate and maintain the service. Arlington is also participating in discussions through the Council of Governments related to high speed rail and its potential connections in our region, our state and the nation.”


Think of #4 this way: We don’t care what the voters in Arlington want. This is what we want, and we, Mayor and Council, are going to use an unelected body of regional planners to get it done. We, Mayor and Council,  are going to continue to waste millions of Arlington dollars to pay for mass transit in other cities through NCTCOG and promote an agenda that has been struck down by voters here THREE times. Oh, and if you think mass transit is an unprofitable waste of taxpayer dollars, we’re going to throw in high-speed rail so that our economy can completely bottom out. You’re welcome, citizen.

You elected us. You keep electing us. We’ll thank you back by bankrupting you.

For more information on what Mayor Cluck and Council have planned for taxpayers, click this link:

Have something to say? Click here to send an email to the entire City Council.

One Response to City of Arlington Backs Terrible Federal Legislation

  1. dkilly

    November 1, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    Opinion Arlington has hit it on the head … one more time! The mayor and council of Arlington have been elected by hardworking citizen/taxpayers.

    But they dream of building monuments and have grandiose schemes related to gathering federal and state grants (yes, other taxpayer funds) to fashion cenotaphs which rival “great cities of the world”.

    Every North Texas government entity has the same sorted delusional dream … and each and every one of them will cut the others throats at the drop of a turd to out-due the others!

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