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The Star-Telegram’s Odd Duck Choice, Mayor Cluck


Friday, November 15, 2013, by Buddy Saunders

Recently the Star-Telegram ran a section devoted to the best of this or that in Arlington—best barbeque, best hamburger, best accountant, best place to get a massage, etc.  When it came to best “local public official,” none other than our redoubtable Mayor Robert Cluck made the cut.

But what an odd choice.

While Mayor Cluck has been involved in city development for more than a decade, any other mayor would have made similar decisions.

But the rest of Mayor Cluck’s record is ignored in the Star-Telegram’s fawning puff piece.

What other mayor would have committed Arlington to a $65 million street-congesting bike plan even as he let needed street repairs fall behind to the tune of $425 million?

What other mayor would seek to void an existing curbside trash pickup contract and replace it with one that costs residents $15 million more even as it limits their pickup volume to two bags per pickup?

What other mayor would place a tree and boulders in the middle of Norwood Drive along with other traffic hazards and then brag that it only cost $75,000?

What other mayor thinks Arlington needs 30 skateboard parks to attract tourism?

What other mayor wants to narrow 24,000-cars-per-day Abram Street to as little as two lanes?

What other mayor is as eager as Mayor Cluck to saturate Arlington with high density stack-and-pack apartment complexes?

But above all, what mayor in all of Texas has worked harder than Mayor Cluck to marginalize and suppress citizen comment regarding his actions as mayor? While Mayor Cluck’s treatment of citizens who question his plans and ideas are well-documented, the Star-Telegram has never reported or commented on our mayor’s dark side.

Mayor Cluck is already unpopular with many citizens.  Likewise the Star-Telegram. And for similar reasons.  Both have a shared agenda the average person doesn’t like, and both work hand in hand in advancing that agenda even as they suppress dissent.

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One Response to The Star-Telegram’s Odd Duck Choice, Mayor Cluck

  1. sclinesr

    November 15, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    Just goes to show you just how irrelevant the Star Telegram has become.

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