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Stupid Ideas Require Lots of Money

Thursday, September 6, 2012; by Buddy Saunders.

The love of money, the Bible says, is the root of all evil, and we say the coming lack of money may be our salvation when applied to an environmentally delusional government.

The soothsayers of “sustainability,” the gurus of “green,” and the sages of “smart growth,” the Chicken Littles of global warming, all claim the way we live our lives isn’t “sustainable.”

So what, according to them, is not sustainable?

  • Cars (need to switch to foot power and bicycles)
  • Fossil fuel use (convert to renewable)
  • Air conditioning (wastes too much energy and unfair to nations that lack it)
  • Homes with lawns (replace with lower carbon-footprint apartments)
  • Golf courses (use too much water and are elitist)
  • Eating beef (cow flatulence adds to global warming, etc.)
  • Urban living (we need to be concentrated in hive cities and return the land to nature)
  • The ownership of private property (government can manage the land better than you or I)
  • Pets (have no place in government-run apartment cities envisioned by 2050)

What’s to prevent government, including our own city government, from pushing these silly notions?  The answer is lack of money—national bankruptcy.  It takes money to fund good plans.  It takes a lot more money to get people to do stupid stuff—in this case more money than there is in the world.

But reality never slows down those who never bother to think. The federal government, Austin, AND our own city government, have been dumping money into environmental-driven insanity for some years now.

We’ve all seen examples. Locally, Arlington’s $61 million bike plan, curb side recycling, and the aborted effort to needlessly abridge citizen rights with permanent water restrictions, all are elements of what comes under the catch phrase Agenda 21.  And Arlington just happens to have possibly the most restrictive pet ordinance in the nation.

Agenda 21 is not only real, it is real stupid.

It doesn’t take much reading (plenty of information on the internet) to see how impossible and unnecessary hysterical environmentalism is, but people who believe these absurdities can be sold the Brooklyn Bridge.

In approving the $61 million bike plan, Mayor Cluck and his cronies—none of whom bothered to read the bike plan—did indeed buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Why on God’s green earth would Mayor Cluck want to line every street in Arlington with bicycle lanes?  After the $61 million plan passed, he complained that it still wasn’t big enough!

Two answers suggest themselves, one based on stupidity, the other on greed.

The answer is stupidity if our City Council really believes we’ll soon be walking or riding bicycles instead of driving cars.

But if Mayor Cluck and his cronies don’t believe that nonsense, then why are they spending $61 million on bicycle lanes when street lane repair is $426 million behind schedule?

Greed is the answer.  We attended a City Council meeting where Mayor Cluck talked about going to a meeting of mayors where he learned that other cities were raking in big federal grants for bike lanes. “So I came back and said, why aren’t we getting any of that money?”  And so the bike plan was born, not out of stupidity—at least not entirely—but mainly out of raw lust for federal funding.

In Gastonia, North Carolina, we have a friend and fellow opponent of bad governance. I recently told that friend that the wasteful insanity at large in every level of government would be brought to heel by a thing called reality.  In the end, it simply isn’t possible to keep spending money that doesn’t exist and expect no consequences.

We here at Opinion Arlington are not smart enough to predict how and when the crash will come, but we’re not dumb enough to think it won’t happen.  And when the crash comes, no level of government will have a dime left for foolishness.

In response to my comments, Cheryl said, “I’m not so sure about money drying up….the feds have the printing press and just keep borrowing and printing, so they will keep coming at us.  I wish I thought it would eventually dry up, but thinking we are way past that point with $16 Trillion debt.  Plus, the more broke the cities and counties get…the easier it is to bribe them with Fed money.  Just drives me crazy.

“Here in Gastonia, the city manager, county manager, and full time planners + MPO + UDO…all of them spend every waking moment looking for grant money from the state and the feds to implement all of this that we do NOT want.

Maybe Romney and Ryan can pull off a miracle and get some of this out of our lives.  Fingers crossed….but not counting chickens.  We’ll see.”

Yes, we’ll see, but our money is on the people of this nation, in Arlington, in Gastonia, everywhere.  We have the vote and with it we can take out the idiots wherever we find them, and put in their place men and women of sound and sober.

2 Responses to Stupid Ideas Require Lots of Money

  1. Richard Weber

    September 12, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    fyi, Abram St., they plan on redoing from 360 eastward and make six lanes. then they will do Collins to 360. Then in about 3-4 years they will do Cooper to Collins with whatever (bike lanes, golden bike stations, air-conditioned walkways, a changing station here-and-there, etc) they decide within the next year. They have approved a $55K traffic study to prove, yes, with certain unacceptable [to normal people, especially ones that drive], staff-provided parameters, making Abrams St is fine/great as a 2-lane road.

  2. LWhite

    September 10, 2012 at 2:03 am

    Nice article,, makes sense. I’ve always wondered where the city counsel goes after the meetings to get some liquor in them. Is there a special bar/restaurant who treats them for nothing(gratus). Or do they go to the mayors home and have a cocktail party for his ‘chicks’? How he stays in office is beyond me. thanks for the article. PS,, I do NOT watch any of the ‘talking heads’ on the news channels,, cnn fox, etc, etc as they all are just ‘talking heads’,,, get my drift?? Just wait and everything will change,,no set course of action, spur-of-the-moment decisions, can’t trust any of them(well some you can) etc, etc. Same $–t,,different day. I’ve also wondered why the city has NOT re-paved Abrams from Collins to 360,,, it’s terrible, pot holes, un-even pavement,,half concrete and othe half asphalt. but they can put in bike lanes and plant trees, install fancy street lights where noone walks at night over the new bridges over in the ‘entertainment district’. something isn’t right here ,huh??

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