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You Must Clear Your Head of “What Used to Be”


Friday, September 12, 2014, by Glynn Adams

For concerned Americans to understand what is going on these days in our nation you must think outside of the box – way outside the box.   You must think the unthinkable.  You must imagine the unimaginable.  You must clear your head of “what used to be” and face the reality of our day head on.  Anything less will lead you to deception and illusions.  Don’t take my word, search it out and connect the dots.

Let’s take our relationship with God.  It is hanging on by a thread.  Our disobedience, and our forsaking God has put this nation in dire straits.   We have at best a few faithful Christians, God’s remnant, who have remained faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ.  The rest are rank pagans and religious people.  We are already under the judgment of God and more is to come unless we repent and return to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Congress is despicable and treasonous.  They are not looking out for this nation and its citizens but for themselves and their friends who lobby them for favors.   Corruption, dishonesty, and lies abound.  We no longer have a two party system as both parties are leading us in the wrong direction but in different ways and speeds.  Most love debt, big intrusive government, free stuff for the non-working citizens, and are big spenders of our hard earned money.    The cold, hard facts are that our Congress has caused more problems than they have solved.

Our citizens have been dumb down through our government schools.  We are asleep, frustrated, depressed, and divided.  The cold hard fact is we have too many citizens who are not loyal to this nation.    Unless we stop the uninvited immigrants from entering this nation, we will be destroyed.   On top of that, we will not take a stand against the enemies within our own borders who are destroying our country before our very eyes.   Until we can see that our enemies are within our camp, we will continue to slide downward to destruction.

President Obama is believed to be a friend and supporter of Muslims and was raised as a Communists/Marxist.    His Saul Alinsky ideology has led him to believe that America is not a noble and just nation, but rather a colonial nation that has stolen and plunder the world and now needs to be brought down a notch or two.    Many suspect President Obama deliberately set the Middle East on fire and armed our enemies with our weapons – sort of a proxy war for Islam.    Many Constitutional scholars think that President Obama has exceeded his authority and should be impeached.   While others believe that President Obama and his administration is extremely corrupt, evil, and has set a hostile government against its citizens.  It is well known that he pays little attention to his military advisors or anyone else except his political advisors.  Most of what I have said here is in his books or in his own words on video.

Wednesday night our President spoke to the nation concerning the danger of ISIS.    WE ALREADY HAVE SOMETHING WORSE THAN ISIS HERE IN THIS NATION.   ISIS is not the real threat to this nation, as the real danger comes from the hell already in our nation and its curses, mostly caused by inactive citizens and a sleeping and disobedient Body of Christ that has forsaken the Living God.   Just think about this for a second –Our President is going to ask our friends from around the world to join with our military to go into harm’s way to fight a war overseas when we Americans in the comfort of our homes will not lift a finger to fight our spiritual enemies within our own borders.  What hypocrites and nerve we have!!!!!  Here is a sensible thought – Why are we spilling our American blood and treasure defending these Arab homelands when they have the capability to do it themselves?  Why don’t we let the Arab nations that are threatened by ISIS spill the blood of their sons in the desert and spend their treasure defending their citizens and nation?   If we will turn back to God, He will defend our nation!!!  “When a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” (Proverbs 16:7)

Repent America before it is too late!

I remain His minister,

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About the Author

Glynn Adams is a retired minister with 40 years in the ministry of Jesus Christ. He has a masters degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and his ministry these days is to wake up a sleeping giant – the New Testament Church in America.

Glynn Adams

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