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Arlington Spectator: City Council to Modify the Sidewalk Ordinance?


An Arlington Voice exclusive. City Council to Modify the Sidewalk Ordinance?


From The Arlington Spectator, Volume 7, number 41, Monday, October 13, 2014

Richard Weber, Publisher of the Arlington Spectator


  • Tuesday, October 14, Arlington City Council meetings, Arlington City Hall, 101 W Abram, 12:15pm, 2:00pm, 6:30pm.
  • Wednesday, October 15, District 1 Town Hall, Lamar High School, Lamar & Davis, 7:00pm.
  • Thursday, October 16, AISD School Board Meeting, AISD Administration Building, 1203 W Pioneer Pkwy, 7:00pm.
  • Monday, October 20, early voting begins (ends October 31, election day November 4)
  • Wednesday, October 22, Arlington Alliance for Responsible Government meeting. Cokers Barbecue, 2612 W Pioneer Pkwy, 6:30pm.
  • Tuesday, October 28, Arlington City Council meetings, Arlington City Hall, 101 W Abram, various times.
  • Friday, October 31, end of early voting.
  • Tuesday, November 4, Election Day.


Arlington is a city where citizens are relegated to being spectators rather than players. The SPECTATOR helps citizens know what is happening on the field. Only the few on the in-house team are allowed to play ball in Arlington. The SPECTATOR helps citizens understand the game.

City Council to Modify the Sidewalk Ordinance?


City Council Updates and Actions

The North Korean principled Arlington City Council has decided to take matters into their own hands, and will take away the rights of citizens and claim it’s all about safety…

After all, they are the all mighty government and know what is best for you. (red light cameras, sidewalk behaviors, gun control, anything…)

The only city council meeting this past week was a town hall meeting on red light cameras hosted by Robert Rivera. The only other city council member that felt the importance to show up and actually give the appearance of listening to the citizens was Lana Wolff. The other seven members of the city council did not believe they even had to give an appearance of caring or listening.

There was phone call town hall meeting hosted by Kathryn Wilemon on this past Thursday that was a total waste of time. I was connected to the meeting about 6:32. I pressed ‘0’ to indicate I wanted to ask a question prior to 6:35. When I was asked my name and subject, I replied. Ms. Wilemon totally ignored me and my question as I never received an opportunity to ask it during the “meeting.”

The majority of questions asked seemed easy to answer if we had a council woman that would respond to e-mail questions, unfortunately we have Ms. Wilemon.

Ms. Wilemon and staff wasted time on questionnaires (I believe four) and two subjects (city bond election and Ebola) they brought up without a citizen question at the time.


Red Light Cameras

There was a good size crowd at the red light camera town hall meeting last Monday, probably approaching 100. The overwhelming majority of them appeared to oppose them. The police official, Steve Evans, tried to claim a safety factor. The numbers presented make no

sense and obviously have other outside factors. Based on the statistics not only have the cameras reduced the normal running of red light collisions, but also, and by a greater percentage of rear end collisions.

56% of the camera recording incidents occur from the right most lane (right turns on reds). That right there makes it look like its more about the money than anything to do with safety.

More on the red light camera scam can be found at:


2015 Mayor’s Race

This past Monday, Robert Rivera announced that he would NOT be running for mayor in 2015. I still believe there has to be at least one more name besides the two dishonest individuals that have announced so far. This Tuesday’s (October 14) Meetings There are two committee meetings, the first starting at 12:15pm. The afternoon session begins at 2:00pm and the evening meeting starts at 6:30pm.


Committee Meetings

The 12:15pm committee meeting has to do with the warranty program. I believe this is related to an optional policy citizen can obtain to reduce the cost of waste water repairs from the house to the main drain usually in the road.

The 1:00pm committee meeting will discuss the 2015 legislative agenda. They recently had hoped to get more of the more major lobbyist would bid on their contract for the state level, but after extending the deadline, there were no new major players. The agenda item suggests discussion on both state and national issues.


Afternoon Session

The 2:00pm afternoon session has two work session items on the agenda. The first agenda item is a storm update. The second item is business incubators.


Evening Meeting

At the 6:30pm evening meeting has three executive session items, three sets of minutes, 31 consent agenda items, three public hearings for ordinances, modification to the sidewalk ordinance, two resolutions for corporate welfare for 404 E Border, and two requests for public  hearings.

Please Those Special Interest Buddies The special interest buddies will be well treated at this city council meeting. There will be over $1.5 million in corporate welfare available for the developers at 404 E Border for the building of their super high-density apartments (135 units on 2.8 acres).

If there is such demand for cramming many people in a small area is such a great thing, in such high demand (if you believe the ignorant insiders who are always wrong on the subject), why do they need $1.5 million of corporate welfare?

Can you say future section-8 housing? The corruption level at city hall just continues to grow. Robert Cluck and his corrupt cronies keep taking contributions from apartment political action committees (as Apartment Association of Tarrant County) and refuse to listen to citizens…

Part of the agenda is also to generate a reinvestment zone at the HCA hospital at Mayfield and Matlock. After the establishment of the reinvestment zone, at a future meeting we will learn of the corporate welfare deal our council has made with them.


Earthquakes and Gas Drilling

One of the request for a public hearing is the Perr gas drilling site, which wishes to drill more wells at the existing site. P&Z had turned down the request by virtue of a 4-4 vote.

The site off of Cooper St, south of Arkansas Ln was relatively close to earthquakes we had in Arlington last month. The owner/operator bought these wells from another company recently, but has a long history of violations. The company claims they inherit the violations and fix them, but do you really know?

Why not operate the two wells they have in Arlington for a while, establish a violation track history, let the earth settle from the quakes, and come back at a later time with an established safety track record? It’s all about public safety, right?


Town Hall Meeting

There will be a District 1 town hall meeting Wednesday, October 15, 7:00pm, Lamar High School, Lamar & Davis. The agenda includes discussions on area crime statistics and area economic development projects.


AISD Update

The next AISD school board meeting is this Thursday, October 16.


In The News

The Shoppes at Brownstone

The Shoppes at Brownstone (Abram St, just east of Bowen Rd) will be closing at the end of the year. The lender, now owner, wished it generated a lot more rent revenue. I am just wondering out loud, but how much did the AISD tax rate increase because of the bonds play as a factor. That rate increase certainly did not help.

Story at:


Cowboys Update

The Cowboys won in Seattle, 30-23. Count me among the surprised…

The 5-1 Cowboys are tied for first place in the division with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Next week the Cowboys play in Arlington against the New York.

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