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Obama – Leading from Behind?


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Sunday, October 12, 2014, by Frank Kuchar

Pundits have often (and rightly so) criticized President Obama’s leadership on the world stage as “leading from behind.”  We have a saying here in the South about individuals who are either totally clueless or completely incompetent (or both):  “they couldn’t find their behinds with both hands!”  So the question is, is the Obama administration leading from behind, with its behind, or is it even capable of finding its behind?

Muslim terrorists attack our compound in Benghazi, destroy it and kill four of our fellow citizens including our ambassador and Obama, Clinton, et al, instead of reacting in strength blow smoke up our collective behinds.

Russia invades and then annexes the Crimea, a sovereign part of the independent nation of Ukraine and then arms pro-Russian rebels and invades eastern Ukraine with Russian troops.  Obama’s reaction – “that’s not nice; I drew a red line and you crossed it Vladimir.  Now I’ll have to impose sanctions on you.”  Putin’s response:  Yawn and continue on.

ISIS militants run rampant over large swaths of the northwestern part of Iraq, murdering, pillaging and raping thousands of innocents, even beheading three American citizens. Obama’s response?  He refuses to call it a war and to identify these miscreants with Islam, despite the fact that they call themselves the “Islamist State of Iraq and Syria”, constantly refer to their fight as a jihad for Allah, and are led by a man whose PhD is in Islamic Studies!  He refuses to gear up our military for a full-out assault against these thugs and instead does just enough to look like he is doing something, when in fact he is doing nothing to destroy the threat.

And now we have the threat of the Ebola virus.  Does he impose travel restrictions like over half of the countries on the continent of Africa have done and now some European nations as well as Saudi Arabia?  No, he sends thousands of our troops to these infected countries, who, even if they are specially trained to deal with dangerous outbreaks as this, are exposed to infection and the possibility of their bringing the virus back into our midst.

Does he finally get serious about securing our southern border against the influx of invading illegals who are bringing diseases and other hardships with them into our society?  When a Marine Corps general warns that if/when the Ebola virus hits Central America that without a secure border we will see a flood of infected refugees pouring into our country seeking medical aid and endangering us in unimaginable proportions, does he take action?  No, he doesn’t offer even a smidgen of protection.

As a bumper sticker I saw states regarding the meaning of his name (cleaned up a bit):  OBAMA – One Big Awful Mistake America.

— Frank Kuchar

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