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Arlington Spectator: City to Sell Excess Water, and More!


On the agenda this Tuesday is an agreement for the city to sell excess water. The water department claims to generate more than enough capacity to meet city demands and hopes to generate and sell even more water. The goal is to help keep water costs down for Arlington citizens.

The idea is good, as long as the definition of excess is more than enough for the citizens’ growing demands.


Four Council members up for reelection

Four members of the Arlington City Council are up for reelection this coming May. They are city-wide, at-large members Jimmy Bennett and Robert Shepard, and single member district representatives Charlie Parker (north Arlington) and Sheri Capehart (southwest Arlington).

Last year, RINOs Bennett and Parker both campaigned and signed their names in full support of the Democratic challenger to conservative State Representative (District 94), Tony Tinderholt.

All four of these council members greatly prefer the special interest buddy over the citizens in their votes. The Lamar Blvd road diet is just the latest example.

From The Arlington Spectator, Volume 8, Number 48, Monday, November 30, 2015

Richard Weber, Publisher of the Arlington Spectator

Game Schedule

  • Tuesday, December 1, City Council meetings, Arlington City Hall, 101 W Abram St, TBA.
  • Thursday, December 10, AISD School Board meeting, AISD Administration Building, 1203 W Pioneer Pkwy, 7:00pm.
  • Tuesday, December 15, City Council meetings, Arlington City Hall, 101 W Abram St, TBA.
  • Friday, December 25, Christmas.

Arlington is a city where citizens are relegated to being spectators rather than players. The SPECTATOR helps citizens know what is happening on the field. Only the few on the in-house team are allowed to play ball in Arlington. The SPECTATOR helps citizens understand the game.

From the Locker Room


Council Update

The city council is scheduled to meet this Tuesday, December 1. Committee meetings start at 10:00am. The afternoon session starts at 12:30pm in executive session and 3:30pm in open session. The evening meeting starts at 6:30pm.


Committee Meetings

The first committee (10:00am) will be discussing property maintenance improvement strategies. In the name of beautification this committee has been looking at many ordinance changes which seem extremely strict. At this meeting they will probably give staff approval to start the process of activating at the vacant structure ordinance which was passed in 2008, but suspended in 2009 because of the economic conditions and huge fees charged the property owners.

The second committee (10:45am) will be continue their discussion of parking of vehicles. At the last meeting they discussed definitions of a lot of the terms. This subject was initiated because of an e-mail complaint of someone parking a boat in their own driveway, so I am very leery of where this discussion could end.

The third committee is in executive session regarding a deal with airline transportation professions and real property.


Afternoon Session

The afternoon session begins at 12:30pm in executive session. The open portion of the meeting is scheduled to begin at 3:30pm. The executive session includes five items including a couple of law suits vs. the city and another special interest buddy business proposal.

The agenda includes two work session items and two informal staff reports. Neither work session item’s presentation is online.

The first work session item is “Community Relations”. ??? My best guess is how the communications group’s (Jay Warren) efforts in communicating with the community.

The second work session item is “Students Living in Single Family Neighborhoods”. Again, ??? Its importance?

One of the informal staff report is an animal service update. The informal staff report gives the statistics on the number of public drop-offs and field impounds as a result of the pilot to charge for the drop-offs. Staff calls the program a “success” and expects council to make the one-year, pilot-project of charging for animal drop-offs permanent. ??? It is called a success even though the stats clearly show a drop in the number of public drop-offs (because of the fee) and a drop in the percentage of drop-offs vs. field impounds.


Evening Meeting

The 6:30pm evening agenda includes four sets of minutes, 20 consent agenda items, one public hearing for an alcohol variance at 1606 W Randol Mill Road, and approval of an ordinance for the gas franchise contract.

One consent agenda item is the $488,634 maintenance on the water billing system (half a million per year in addition to millions already invested in the system, to keep track of billing records???, extremely overpriced).

The consent agenda also includes the approval of $1.2 million for two fire trucks, and $820K for 33 police cars.

There is also a contract to sell “excess” treated water.


AISD Update

The next AISD board meeting will be Thursday, December 10.


In The News

Cowboys Update

The Cowboys (3-8) lost their Thanksgiving Day game to the Carolina Panthers, 33-14. It was ugly, as Tony Romo threw three interceptions, before reinjuring his collar bone. His 2015 season is over.

The Redskins beat the Giants on Sunday. Currently the Redskins and Giants are in first place in the division with a 5-6 record. The Redskins hold the tiebreaker over the Giants. The Eagles are 4-7, just a game back. The Cowboys are last.


Next week the Cowboys play in Washington, DC against those first place Redskins on Monday Night Football.


Interlochen Christmas Lights

The Interlochen Christmas Lights Displays will begin on Thursday, December 17.


May Sales Tax Election

Most cities charge 8.25% sales tax. Arlington only charges 8.00%. That extra .25% is burning a hole in the pockets of our spend-spend-spend city council and they were working towards a November election to fund an Economic Development Corporation.

The Arlington Spectator opposes this tax increase.

It was taken off the board for this November. It will most likely reappear for a May 2016 election.

Council members wanted time to get their ducks in a row to sell the thing. Look for it to reappear for the May Municipal Elections.


JPS Money Grab

Tarrant County officials considered a money grab for the JPS Hospital System last summer, but when they could not sneak it through and it met public resistance, they dropped the plan. It appears they will be trying again for the May

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Richard Weber, publisher of the Arlington Spectator, is that rare citizen who devotes time to civic duty and involvement. For doing so, he receives little thanks. Most citizens have more important things on their minds—TV, football, enjoying their retirement, etc. Not Richard. You’ll find him at City Council afternoon and evening sessions, at school board meetings, publishing Arlington Spectator, and helming AARG (Arlington Alliance for Responsible Government). Richard is not welcome at Mayor Cluck’s City Hall, where every effort is made to muzzle Richard and any other citizen who believes taxpayers should have a voice in government. Richard’s selfless effort is one of the things that inspired us to begin publishing Opinion Arlington.

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