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Recommendations for March 1st Republican Primary Election


In the list of candidate recommendations that follow, you’ll not likely find anyone endorsed by the Star-Telegram.  Being in every way a far-left newspaper, their preference is always the candidate most likely to continue the liberal agenda of bigger government, higher taxes, and a steady erosion of citizen rights. With that in mind, at the end of our recommendations you’ll find the Star-Telegram recommendations.


The Arlington Spectator and Opinion Arlington recommend:

Tony Tinderholt in the Texas State District 94 Representative race.

Bill Zedler in the Texas State District 96 Representative race.

Bill Waybourn, Tarrant County Sheriff

Before moving to the complete list of recommendations, we’d like to say something about the three candidates cited above. While all Republican candidates claim to be conservative, not all are. However, the three gentlemen cited above are the real deal. Conservatives don’t come along any better than these guys!

Bill Zedler has no opponent.

Neither should Tony Tinderholt have an opponent,  Tony has done a masterful job in Austin as a freshman representative, respectful to leadership yet rock firm in the convictions we sent him there to defend. No opponent could be more conservative, so it follows like night and day that Tony’s opponent has been put forth by interests wanting a return to the liberalism that was there before Tony.  If you want a return to wasteful spending and government for special interests, you want the other guy. Otherwise, you want Tony Tinderholt.

Bill Waybourn is the kind of sheriff Tarrant County needs.  The Star-Telegram has endorsed the incumbent. No surprise there.  That paper makes no secret of its preference for open door immigration, be it from south of the border or from Muslim lands.

The Star-Telegram wants to keep the current sheriff because he is “saving Taxpayer money.”  Now, anytime a liberal paper worries about saving tax dollars, you know there’s more to the story. What they are really saying is that the current sheriff has “saved money” by not involving the sheriff’s department in managing the illegal alien problem.

The Star-Telegram suggests that the current sheriff can’t chew gum and walk at the same time—manage the county jail and work with other police agencies on a county-wide basis. Of course the man can. He just won’t. Bill Waybourn will be an improvement. He will be proactive. If you elect Bill Waybourn, he will do the job right.


Here are more outstanding conservative candidates Opinion Arlington hopes you’ll consider when you go to vote in the March 1st Republican Primary.


Colin Baker, U.S. 6th Congressional District, challenging a very tired and time-to-go Joe Barton.

Texas Senate

Sen. Don Huffines

Texas House

District 33 Dallas/Ft.Worth, Bruce Chadwick

District 95, Monte Mitchell

District 94, Tony Tinderholt, ranked 5th most conservative legislator in Texas

District 96, Bill Zedler

District 101, Charlie Garza

District 115, Matt Rinaldi, ranked the most conservative legislator in Texas

Railroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian, note that two candidates with same last name running

Texas Supreme Court

Michael Massengale, Place 3, multiple endorsements by conservative organizations.

Rick Green, Place 5, note that two candidates with same last name running.

Eva Guzman, Place 9, endorsed by Gov. Gregg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Gov. Rick Perry

Tarrant County Sheriff

Bill Waybourn, Tarrant County Sheriff

Tarrant County Comissioner

Roy E. Lozano, Tarrant County Commissioner, Pct. 1

Tarrant County Constable

Precinct 1, Dale Clark

Precinct 4, Joe D. “Jody” Johnson

Precinct 6, Jon H. Siegel

Tarrant County Republican Party Chairman:

Tim O’Hare


2nd Court of Appeals, Dabney Bassel, winner Tarrant Country GOP straw poll, TC Bar Assn.

5th Court of Criminal Appeals, Brent Webster

96th District Court, R. H. Wallace or Traci DeAnne Hutton

348th District Court, Brooke Allen

360th District Court, Patricia Baca Bennett


Fort Worth Star-Telegram Recommendations

U.S. House District 33

Democratic Primary: Marc Veasey.

Texas Railroad Commission

Republican Primary: Gary Gates.

Democratic Primary: Lon Burnam.

Texas House District 92

Republican Primary: Scott W. Fisher.

Texas House District 94

Republican Primary: Andrew Piel.

Texas House District 99

Republican Primary: Charlie Geren.

Tarrant County sheriff

Republican Primary: Dee Anderson.

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