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Save a Billion Dollars. Sign TexRail Opposition Petition.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016, by Ross Kecseg, EmpowerTexans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

In 2014, the Tarrant County GOP Executive Committee passed a resolution opposing TexRail due in part because the $1 billion upfront cost of the train won’t reduce traffic congestion or pollution.

On Monday, I spoke to over 150 Colleyville residents who were shocked to learn about this wasteful proposal. Even though they aren’t a part of the “T”, TexRail will pass through their community.

Hundreds of local residents have already signed the online petition. If you would like to join them, and share with your neighbors, please click on the below link



The petition reads:

TexRail plans to divert $1 billion (and rising) federal, state, county, and local tax dollars away from new road projects. Even worse, the government’s own data says the diesel trains will not reduce air pollution or traffic congestion. In fact, increased rail usage will make traffic worse at busy intersections. Due to its poor outlook, several cities have already opted out of TexRail, while affected communities with fiscal, safety, and congestion concerns have been largely ignored. Not only should county and city officials stop TexRail, but transportation officials at the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) should remove it from their 2040 Transportation Plan.

Local city and county officials have so far ignored any opposition, and are pushing the Obama admin along with Congress to release more and more federal funds.

Every level of government is slated to fund TexRail–federal, state, county, and local tax dollars.


But this project is not a done deal, it is in the planning stages and can be stopped. Now is the time to express opposition.

We will continue to collect signatures through the end of this week, and will deliver printed copies to all the relevant officials in Tarrant County including the regional government (RTC) who is currently requesting public comment on projects in their 2040 plan.

For more information on TexRail, please read my latest article:

Remember, we get the government we choose to ignore!

Due to citizen-pushback, a similar effort last year helped delay the Tarrant County Court from ramming through JPS’ controversial and problematic $1 billion bond.

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In Liberty,
Ross Kecseg

Director, Metroplex Bureau
Empower Texans / Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Office: 469.224.7727

Ross, a native Texan, runs the DFW office for Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Arizona State University, with an emphasis on Public Policy and U.S. Constitutional history. Since 2008, Ross has been active in both grassroots organizing and as a volunteer for numerous local, state and national political campaigns. He serves on the Irving ISD Strategic Planning Committee, and regularly speaks to liberty-minded groups regarding the fundamental importance of state education reform, and the strategic effectiveness of local activism. He maintains an opinion column for the Arlington Voice and is a contributor to several political blogs. Ross is an avid golfer, automotive enthusiast, and movie/music junkie.

For Resources Visit:

Twitter @rkecseg84; @empowertexans

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