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NCPA: ISIS and the Antiquities Trade: Looting to Sustain Terrorism, plus More!


Keep up with the latest insights regarding energy, the environment, health care, and government spending. Read the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) summaries, then if you want more information, click through to the complete article at its source. Informed citizens are better prepared to act on important issues; the uninformed deserve what happens to them. – Opinion Arlington

ISIS and the Antiquities Trade: Looting to Sustain Terrorism

The Islamic State profits from peddling irreplaceable cultural artifacts to underwrite terrorism… Continue Reading



Why Are There so Many More Floridians Than Texans Signing up for Obamacare?

Early retirees in Florida may be attracted by Obamacare’s federal subsidies, which could explain the state’s high enrollment numbers compared to its neighbors in the South… Continue Reading



Patients are Becoming Price Sensitive but only Because Obamacare Destroyed Their Insurance

Paying for medical bills out of pocket is a problem because health care providers do not use prices to compete for the patronage of price-sensitive shoppers, writes NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick… Continue Reading



U.S. Ability to Re-impose Sanctions on Iran Fading Quickly

In some ways, the Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act changes the nuclear deal to look more like the “victory” the president claims it to be says NCPA Senior Fellow David Grantham… Continue Reading



To Control Drug Prices, Pursue Fraud, Not Manufacturers

There is a better way to control escalating drug costs that by trying to control drug prices… Continue Reading



The Berenstain Bears Avoid One-Dimensional Thinking: Why Can’t Educators and Policymakers?

A writer of children’s books understands that student ability is not monolithic… Continue Reading



Who Pays Obamacare’s “Slacker Mandate”? Workers Without Kids!

The “slacker mandate” is the provision in Obamacare requiring employer-based health plans to offer benefits to adult dependents of their workers, up to age 26… Continue Reading



Unaffordable Care Act: Obamacare Deadbeats Make a Bad Program Worse

Although intended to help sick enrollees afford coverage, Obamacare became a poorly-designed wealth redistribution scheme that is prone to fraud… Continue Reading


Note to Washington, D.C.: It’s All About Economics

After “promising” back in 2013 to build two stores east of the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C., Walmart has announced it will no longer do so… Continue Reading



Trouble Paying Medical Bills? Uninsured do Better Than Obamacare Insured!

Fewer Americans are having trouble paying medical bills… Continue Reading


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