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Islam Watch: A Message from Robert Spencer at JihadWatch

Friday, March 25, 2016, Robert Spencer, Director of JihadWatch at the Freedom Center

A new Hitler is in Europe.

It is not Donald Trump. It is not the “right-wing.”

The new Hitler is very much like the old Hitler: he hates Jews. He has contempt for the historical patrimony of Western civilization. He means to rule by an iron fist and subordinate every other power to his will. He respects only strength, and despises weakness.

The new Hitler is not just one man, but millions — millions who believe in an ideology that teaches warfare against and subjugation of free people under its heel.

Historically, Europe saw the threat that the men who held to this ideology posed, and shed blood to resist their advance. Now, the sons and heirs of those who gave their lives to make sure their children and their children’s children would live free have flung open the gates and invited in those who would enslave them.

They have invited them into their countries in massive numbers, and vilified and ostracized anyone who dared note the lessons of history and the content of the invaders’ ideology.

This week, as a result of these policies, Brussels is engulfed in chaos and the grief of blood shed in war. There will be much, much more to come of this.

It is time to sweep them out.

All of them: the multiculturalists, the cultural relativists, the internationalists, the levelers, the elites who have brought this death and destruction upon Brussels this week, and Paris yesterday, and the rest of Europe tomorrow.

If Europe is to survive as a home of free people, it needs governments who recognize that the “refugees” storming into their countries now include an untold number of jihad murderers who mean to kill their people and destroy their societies, and who have the courage to stand up and stop that refugee flow, and turn it back.

Saudi Arabia has tens of thousands of air-conditioned tents for hajj pilgrims, and not one refugee. Why? Because they have noted, correctly, that there are jihad terrorists among the refugees.

Can Saudi Arabia protect itself and Europe cannot?

This is a war. It is a war for survival. It is a war that will determine whether Europe (and North America is not far behind) will live in freedom or slavery.

The present European political and media elites are inviting the slavery of their people. They must be soundly repudiated. Too much is at stake to continue to countenance their self-delusion and fantasy. Those who are struggling to survive cannot afford to be unrealistic about what they’re facing.

In the United States also, we need leaders who will speak honestly about the nature and magnitude of the war we’re in.

But how will they hear if no one tells them?

The Freedom Center is that voice crying out to America’s leaders, to America’s people.

We haven’t stopped for one second in our mission to expose the enemy elements in this country.

But zeal and diligence don’t pay the bills. Generous donors like you do.

So will you help us unmask the jihadists everyone else is too afraid and naive to expose by making a gift (of any amount) right now?

Our writers and publishers are working non-stop to get the word out about the deadly threat that jihadists (in all their forms) pose to the West.

Your generosity keeps the lights on and presses running night and day at JihadWatch, Stop the Jihad on Campus, Discover the Networks, and FrontpageMag.

And, with your support, we can mass-circulate my urgently important pamphlets on this issue such as:

  • 10 Things America Must Do to Defend Itself Against the Global Jihad
  • What Americans Need To Know About Jihad
  • And Domestic Terrorism and Washington Denial

This is a critical and pivotal time for America – we can go the way of Europe or we can choose another way.

Never has our message been more necessary and never have we needed to lean on you as much as we do now.

So please hurry, before it’s too late! Because very soon, it will be.

With Urgency,

Robert Spencer

Director of JihadWatch
The David Horowitz Freedom Center

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