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NCPA: NSCW 2016! Dallas ISD Charter School Fight, plus More!

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NSCW 2016! Dallas ISD Charter School Fight

National School Choice Week is here and while most of the nation is celebrating the great school choice options in each state, a Dallas Independent School District charter school zoning showdown reveals school choice opponents in Dallas… Continue Reading


National School Choice Week: Cause for Celebration

Since the first private school voucher program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1991, there have dramatic gains throughout the nation in education choice… Continue Reading


One Quarter of Obamacare Enrollees Dropped Out in 2015

Obamacare enrollment in 2015 dropped from 11.7 million to 8.8 million. Then 12.7 million enrolled in 2016. What explains this roller coaster ride?… Continue Reading


Obamacare’s Cost per Beneficiary Explodes with Shrinking Enrollment

The Congressional Budget Office’s latest budget estimate shows Obamacare’s costs per beneficiary have exploded, as enrollment in Obamacare’s broken exchanges collapses to 13 million people… Continue Reading


Free Enterprise is National Security

Free Enterprise is National Security The president’s upcoming trip to Cuba with private business leaders demonstrates further how he is misunderstanding the office he occupies, says NCPA Senior Fellow David Grantham… Continue Reading


The Tax Rate on Capital

The corporate marginal tax rate in some industries tops 56 percent… Continue Reading


Obamacare Joins Pile of Unfunded Liabilities

It looks like Congress’ alternative to Obamacare is deficit-funded Obamacare… Continue Reading


Col. “Bernie” Sanders Half-Baked Recipe for Health Plan

Bernie Sanders health care proposal is a half-baked fairytale of wishful thinking and Robin Hood dreams says NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick… Continue Reading


Murkowski Outlines Senate Energy Plan

In the GOP weekly address, Sen. Murkowski describes the Energy Policy Modernization Act, which includes liquid natural gas (LNG) exports… Continue Reading


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