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NCPA: Ted Cruz Tax Plan and Health Care Plan, plus More!


Keep up with the latest insights regarding energy, the environment, health care, and government spending. Read the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) summaries, then if you want more information, click through to the complete article at its source. Informed citizens are better prepared to act on important issues; the uninformed deserve what happens to them. – Opinion Arlington

Cruz’ Tax Plan Trumps the Trump Plan in Economic Growth But Spending Cuts Would Be Needed

When it comes to economic growth effects, the Cruz tax plan “trumps” the Trump plan, according to the National Center for Policy Analysis’ Tax Analysis Center and the Beacon Hill Institute… Continue Reading


GDP: Health Services Comprise 39 Percent of Growth

Friday’s advance release of Q4 GDP showed the production of goods actually shrank in the fourth quarter… Continue Reading


We’re Driving Less: What That Means

Younger age groups are now less likely to get a driver’s license. The number for 20- to 24-year-olds, for example, fell from 92 percent in 1983 to 77 percent in 2014 says NCPA Senior Fellow Thomas Hemphill… Continue Reading


U.S. Inequality, Fiscal Progressivity and Work Disincentives

While many debate the degree of income inequality in the United States, there is far less inequality in spending power due to the benefit transfers, such as Medicaid and food stamps, in the U.S. fiscal system… Continue Reading


Ted Cruz and Health Reform

Ted Cruz’ actions on health reform have been superior to many of his colleagues… Continue Reading


The Federal Reserve and Sound Money

A gold standard would take away the ability of the U.S. Federal Reserve to manipulate the market… Continue Reading


Affordable Health Plans Have Gone Extinct; Obamacare Killed them Off

The Affordable Care Act was designed to force most Americans to buy something unaffordable so a few high-cost individuals can get coverage for less than they otherwise would… Continue Reading


Cruz’s Victory Against Ethanol Cartel

Ted Cruz won a major battle against the ethanol cartel in Iowa on Monday night… Continue Reading


Inside Finland: Why the Best are Still Pretty Bad

Similarities and differences between the world’s school systems are important. We can learn from them… Continue Reading


The Super Bowl of Jock Taxes

According to Forbes, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s tax bill will be more than double that of Peyton Manning’s New Jersey Super Bowl tax two years ago, thanks to California’s 13.3 percent millionaire’s tax… Continue Reading


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