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Arlington Spectator Endorses Kelly Canon for City Council Dist. 1


We strongly endorse Kelly Canon for City Council District 1. Ms. Canon is the only conservative candidate that will act for the citizens.


Local May 7 Elections:

Four seats of the Arlington City Council are up for election this coming May. However, only two are contested. They are city-wide, at-large District 7and single member district of north Arlington, District 1.


District 1

Kelly Canon

Charlie Parker


District 7

Victoria Farrar-Myers

Chris “Dobi” Dobson


School Board

Only one of the two AISD board positions is contested. That is Place 4.


Place 4

John Hibbs

Luis Castillo


Followed by the May 24, Primary Runoff


From The Arlington Spectator, Volume 9, Number 16, Monday, April 18, 2016

Richard Weber, Publisher of the Arlington Spectator

Game Schedule

  • Monday, April 18, League of Women Voters Candidate Forum, Pantego Lions Club, 3535 Marathon, 6:00pm.
  • Thursday, April 21, AISD School Board meeting, AISD Administration Building, 1203 W Pioneer Pkwy, 7:00pm.
  • Monday, April 25, Early Voting for Municipal and School Board Positions Begin.
  • Tuesday, April 26, City Council meetings, Arlington City Hall, 101 W Abram St, TBA.
  • Wednesday, April 27, Texas Public Hearing on Property Tax Reform & Relief, Rosebud Theater, E.H. Hereford University Center, 300 W First St, UTA, 10:00am.
  • Wednesday, April 27, Arlington Alliance for Responsible Government (AARG), Cokers Bar-B-Q, 2612 W Pioneer Pkwy, 6:30pm.
  • Tuesday, May 3, Early Voting for Municipal and School Board Positions End.
  • Saturday, May 7, Election Day for Municipal and School Board Positions.

Arlington is a city where citizens are relegated to being spectators rather than players. The SPECTATOR helps citizens know what is happening on the field. Only the few on the in-house team are allowed to play ball in Arlington. The SPECTATOR helps citizens understand the game.

From the Locker Room

Council Update

The city council met this past Tuesday, April 12. All the council members were at the evening meeting.


Afternoon Session

The council interrupted their executive session to allow the citizens in for the open session.

They then went back into executive sessions.

Police Chief Will Johnson gave the police annual report. Nothing else was discussed.

For future agenda items, Lana Wolff wanted to talk of food trucks.


Evening Meeting

The consent agenda passed 9-0, with Capehart abstaining on the electricity issue. There were two citizen speakers. Former council lawyer, Jay Doegy spoke against the electricity consultant contract. Alisha Simmons spoke on the agreement with the John Paul settlement. Paul

died as an inmate in the Arlington Jail.

The first public hearing is a zoning case for 2530 Matlock. They wish to change 2.25 acres from residential single-family (7.2) to Office Commercial. The applicant was not there, so the council decided to continue the public hearing.

The second public hearing is for 701 E Rogers St. They wish to change 1.2 acres from multi-family to community commercial for a bank across from AT&T Stadium.

The third public hearing is for the 287 Corridor Master Plan. The council eagerly approve this one. The council paid the consultant to record the desires of the “stakeholders” into a plan vs. what might actually work.

The first ordinance is for unattended donation (collection) boxes. Staff wishes to control by registering. This passed 9-0.

The third ordinance is for repealing the “Oil and Natural Gas Well Operational Permit”. It would appear that things did/are not going well in court and the city is repealing the ordinance. Shortly after the passing of this ordinance the drillers created an association and sued the city.

Since then HB40 passed in the state. Our safety from drillers is totally in the hands of the state (last April’s disaster at the Lake Arlington Baptist Church drill site being a distant memory).

There were two speakers. The first wanted to use the funds that would have been used in further court battles to join forces to fight HB40. It passed 9-0.

The final resolution is for yet another corporate welfare deal, on E Bardin Rd, near Sherry.

There are agreements already in place for other builds, which obviously have not encouraged self-supporting development. They want their share of the free money to generate those popular, high-paying (cough-cough) warehouse jobs for the tune of $650,000 corporate welfare 65% of property tax abatement for seven years. It sure is funny how the big boys get corporate welfare while the small guys, and the rest of us have to pay the difference. It passed 9-0.

Citizen Participation saw seven speakers. The first speaker spoke on her group’s desires to expand the smoking ban on all public places and to develop mass transit. The second speaker spoke of running out of fossil fuels and needing mass transit.

The third and fourth speaker were employees that worked for dispatch services that felt they were underpaid.

The fifth speaker spoke on gas drilling. The sixth touched on unrealistic tax bill increases.

The seventh speaker thanked the council for their work in the Randol Mill Park Nature Center, but hoped there would be one more area there that would get some attention.


AISD Update

The next AISD board meeting will be Thursday, April 21.


In The News

Arlington Spectator City Council


The Arlington Spectator strongly endorses challenger Kelly Canon for District 1. Ms. Canon is the only strong conservative running for council and easily the best candidate in this race. The incumbent, Charlie Parker is better than any of the other incumbents whose districts are up for election this spring, but that has more to do with the total lack of quality on the current council.

In the District 7 race, we recommend Chris Dobson. He would better represent the typical resident vs. the high-roller special interests.


LWV Candidate Forum

The League of Women Voters Candidate Forum is Monday, April 18, at the Pantego Lions Club Building, 3535 Marathon. The doors open at 6:00pm.


Cooper Street Paving

The paving of Cooper Street is to start on Sunday night April 17. Work is to be done at night and will start with the Arkansas Lane to I-20 section.


City May 7 Elections

There are two contested races in the upcoming May City Elections. District 7 is an at large seat, city-wide and will NOT have an incumbent. The candidates are Victoria Farrar-Myers and Chris “Dobi” Dobson.

The other contest race is in North Arlington where incumbent Charlie Parker is being challenged by Kelly Canon.

The two uncontested races have the returning incumbents, District 2 (Sheri Capehart) and District 6 (Robert Shepard).

AISD May 7 Elections

The one position contested on the AISD Board is Place 4. The incumbent John Hibbs is being challenged by Luis Castillo.

Jamie Sullins, the incumbent in Place 5 is unopposed.



The two AISD Place 4 Candidates were asked: The AISD’s rankings have slipped since the glory days when AISD schools were on the top of rankings. Many individuals feel apartments, especially in north Arlington, played a major role in that decline. Do you agree or disagree?

Why? If you agree, are you willing to speak against even higher-density apartment that our city council keeps approving?

The Responses:

John Hibbs, incumbent, AISD Place 4 Single family homes should be the desired growth of city planners. Home ownership offers a stable environment for the majority of children. Arlington has number of Apartments with high vacancy rates which lead to low leasing

rates. The lower rent fees collected often reflects itself in landlord hesitancy in reinvesting in the property. During my service the AISD has opposed additional apartments being built within the district’s boundaries. This would include; Arlington, Dalworthington Gardens,

Grand Prairie and Kennedale.

Luis Castillo, challenger, AISD Place 4 I agree that high density housing could be one of several factors that contribute to the decline.

Many Land Use Studies have identified high density housing as a cost driver for local government. In short, studies have shown that the tax revenue generated from apartment land use is insufficient to cover the costs associated with providing basic services. City and school district

demand for services is population driven.

A concentrated population in a given land space drives local government’s costs up.

Yes, I would speak against any further development of high density land use. I would rather support commercial development. The same Land Use Studies have identified that commercial land use is the way to go to maximize tax revenue. Commercial land use generates sales tax and property tax revenue. And the demand for services is a whole lot less than high density land use.

Richard Weber, publisher of the Arlington Spectator, is that rare citizen who devotes time to civic duty and involvement. For doing so, he receives little thanks. Most citizens have more important things on their minds—TV, football, enjoying their retirement, etc. Not Richard. You’ll find him at City Council afternoon and evening sessions, at school board meetings, publishing Arlington Spectator, and helming AARG (Arlington Alliance for Responsible Government). Richard is a citizen who believes taxpayers should have a voice in government and his selfless effort is one of the things that inspired us to begin publishing Opinion Arlington.

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