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Opinion Arlington Endorses Kelly Canon


Friday, April 22, 2016, by Buddy Saunders

Opinion Arlington joins The Arlington Spectator in endorsing Kelly Canon for City Council Dist. 1. The reasons we, and you, should prefer her over the incumbent are many. But before we get into why it is so important that Ms. Canon be the new representative for Dist. 1, here is a complete list of those running for City Council and the Arlington ISD board.

District 1

Kelly Canon – endorsed by Opinion Arlington and the Arlington Spectator

Charlie Parker

District 7

Victoria Farrar-Myers – endorsed by Opinion Arlington

Chris “Dobi” Dobson


School Board

Only one of the two AISD board positions is contested. That is Place 4.

Place 4

John Hibbs

Luis Castillo

Monday, April 25-May 3rd, Early Voting for City and School Board Positions.

Saturday, May 7, Election Day for Municipal and School Board Positions.

Why We Need Kelly Canon on the Arlington City Council

We have a new mayor. After twelve years of neglect by the former mayor and his likeminded Council cohorts, our streets are at last being fixed. Yes, we have a much better mayor, but now we need a much better City Council to support him. Kelly Canon represents a very good start.

The following points tell you a lot about Kelly Canon.

  • Kelly Canon is a conservative. Unlike her opponent, she would never support liberal Democrat candidates. In the fall of 2014, RINO Parker campaigned for and signed his name in support of the Democratic challenger to conservative State Representative (District 94), Tony Tinderholt, an outstanding conservative.
  • Kelly Canon led the successful fight to rid Arlington of the red light camera scam. Her opponent fought red light opponents, and when citizens petitioned the cameras out of the city, Charlie Parker wanted the camera company to sue in an effort to overcome the public will.
  • Kelly Canon respects the right of citizens to be heard by all the city when they speak at City Council meetings. Charlie Parker voted to keep Mayor Cluck’s unfair restrictions on free speech.
  • Kelly Canon will protect the citizen’s right to use the streets their taxes pay for. Her opponent has allowed a crony developer to turn a street lane on Lamar Blvd. into a linear parking lot, thus reducing that part of Lamar to a single west-bound lane.
  • Kelly Canon opposes the current plan to flood Arlington with high density apartments.
  • Kelly Canon opposes mass transit schemes that are not fiscally responsible.
  • Kelly Canon opposes tax increases, and will not support irresponsible vanity spending and crony deals that drive up taxes even as quality of service declines.
  • Kelly Canon wants to reduce the excessive regulation that stifles business in Arlington.
  • Kelly Canon is firm, principled, courteous, and unlike her opponent, she will not be described by the Dallas Morning News as “…the rudest city council member in North Texas, based on samples of his emails to constituents.” Kelly will listen to your concerns, not laugh in your face.
  • You can be sure that when the liberal Star-Telegram endorses Council candidates, it will not be conservative Kelly Canon.
  • In short, if you want genuine fiscally responsible leadership to come to the Arlington City Council, Kelly is your lady. Give her a chance and you’ll be glad you did.


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6 Responses to Opinion Arlington Endorses Kelly Canon

  1. John Johnson

    April 30, 2016 at 7:18 am

    Kelly Canon is simply not qualified for the job. I would also suggest that she is a “complainer”, and not a “do’er”. One more thing…how does one with stout convictions go from being a Democrate to a Republican in a few short years? Not just a Republican, but a Tea Party Republican? A lobotomy?

    • Buddy Saunders

      April 30, 2016 at 11:32 am

      John, You’ve got it backwards. It takes a lobotomy to turn a conservative into a liberal. All it takes to turn a liberal into a conservative is a dose of common sense.

  2. Anthony Nagy

    April 27, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Although I respect your endorsement of Ms. Canon I must rebut your first point regarding Her NEVER supporting liberal Democratic candidates.

    Although I don’t know what was in Ms. Canon’s mind at the time, it is a matter of public record that she did vote as a DEMOCRAT in the 2006 Democratic Primary, the 2008 Democratic Primary, and the 2008 Democratic runoff. If memory serves me correctly Ms. Clinton was also somewhat involved although not as a CONSERVATIVE.

    Regarding the matter of rudeness. I think being a councilperson is not for the meek nor is it a contest of congeniality. Ms. Canon has had her own moments of rudeness and hostility to a neighbor of personal acquaintance and manifested publicly in posts on the Nextdoor Neighborhood Group. She is human and subject to all the frailties as well as the virtues of the species.

    After reading the points in the endorsement I find the overall tenor of Ms. Canon’s candidacy to be predominantly one of opposition. What are the positives? What will be done to improve the quality of my life as a citizen of Arlington? Is there a plan to improve the efficiency of government or find new sources of revenue to offset a tax decrease? Will she improve traffic safety and flow through new applications of personnel of technology? Can I depend on her to be well informed on government issues even though she is fully employed in industry? As a CONSERVATIVE would she quit her job or be disruptive if she determined that her employer sought or obtained tax breaks or taxpayer assistance?

    • Buddy Saunders

      April 29, 2016 at 6:05 pm

      Last night at the Republican Club gathering, which you attended, Kelly made no effort to hide the fact that until 2008 she had supported Democrats. However, her actions even more than her words last night make it clear that her perspective changed in 2008. I have been around Kelly a lot since then, at both Republican Club and Tea Party events. Kelly is today a first rate conservative, every bit as fiscally conservative as any in the Republican Party or the Tea Party. That cannot be said about her ever-ready-to-spend-tax-dollars opponent.

    • Tired Taxpayer

      May 1, 2016 at 11:48 pm

      Mr. Nagy, If you have access to the north Arlington NextDoor page, you should be quite familiar with Mr. Parker’s reputation for rudeness towards his neighbors and constituents.

      Also, do not forget that the ‘swinger’ house (in Parker’s own neighborhood, no less!) was allowed to remain open for NINE MONTHS before finally seeing action from municipal government. This action only occurred after LENGTHY, multiple-day discussions on NextDoor, until Mr. Parker came to the realization that he ignored this situation to his own peril. This ‘establishment’ was in clear violation of at least three ordinances that are listed on the city’s own Code Compliance web page. Mr. Parker blustered about, claiming “meetings… legal department….” and other excuses.

      That house still remains unsold. I often wonder if anyone has considered buying it, then backed out after learning about it’s recent history.

      Mr. Parker is an abusive bully to anyone who dares to simply disagree with his lofty opinions, and has done nothing but spend money, raise taxes, increase apartment units, mislead taxpayers about The Max (bus) pilot, and narrow streets since taking office. None of these actions can be construed as being either positive or helpful to the city.

      He also promoted the unethical funding of the new council chambers and library.

      No effort to curtail spending, no effort to extort less money from Arlington residents. His ‘sit down and shut up’ attitude has worn thin with many of his constituents, and I hope he is unseated soon.

  3. Kelly Canon

    April 22, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    Thank you so much, Opinion Arlington!! I won’t let you down!

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