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Secular Humanism Has No Room for God


Friday, April 29, 2016, by Glynn Adams

From the early 1900s to the present, America has had watchmen warning the citizens about the changes gradually taking place in our nation.  Only a few Christians and citizens have been paying attention.  Now many Americans are greatly disturbed over these changes in our society.

What the average citizen and Christian fails to understand is this change taking place is the natural outcome of our nation moving from a Judeo-Christian world view to a secular humanistic anti-God world view.

These changes spring from Secular Humanism.  Secular humanists are using all avenues—our public schools and universities, our media, our government—all to teach their evil world view and change the way we think and view life.   This new world view says that  that life has no higher meaning and that man evolved by pure chance.  There is no Creator in this model. Therefore, man is not responsible to anyone so he may do as he wishes.  This is secular humanism, aka Satanic Communism, Marxism, socialism, liberalism, progressivism. By whatever name, it says that man is the measure of all things.  This is the world view that our nation has been led to follow in the last 100 years, while the Christian citizens have offered no opposition to this anti-God world view.


According to the secular humanists, man, being finite and limited, must start from himself in the area of knowledge and learning.  His value system must come arbitrarily from man himself by arbitrary choice, and there is no basis of law that is fixed. Therefore, law becomes arbitrary.  A few, discovering themselves wiser than the rest, come together and arbitrarily define the greater good and that becomes law.   There is no place for knowledge from God. This vacuum explains the rapid breakdown in morals in our nation.  It’s also the reason that our federal judges and Supreme Court are now so arbitrary in their rendering of law.

This new world view in America is the opposite of what our Founding Fathers had in mind.   Not all of our Founders were Christian, but all believed in a Creator and that this Creator gives us inalienable rights.

Here is something we must understand thoroughly.  If we remain in this final anti-God world view, then the state will define down our rights and ultimately take them away.   Whenever government infringes on the rights of the citizens, that is clearly tyranny, and we should not stand for it one minute.

Our Founding Fathers established our government and the rule of law on the rock-solid foundation of Christianity.  Throughout the history of the Christian church, it has been the duty of the Christian to disobey the government if it governed contrary to God’s law.  Anyone who believes that government must always be obeyed has put government in the place of the living God and so made government a false god.

If we continue to obey men and governments rather than God, America will become a totally secular humanistic culture.  Then it is a mathematical certainty that our society will continue to break down, our sorrows multiply, and our freedoms vanish.

At this hour, we are in a war for our survival, and here are no neutral parties in this struggle.

Your Christianity demands that you take up the weapons of God and put on His full armor and join battle. Expose the unfruitful works of darkness of these Secular Humanists. You obey Him by working to defeat this evil world view, even when some of your friends in the Body of Christ remain silent.

“When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when a wicked man rules, people groan.”

God bless, I remain His servant and watchman,

About the Author

Glynn Adams is a retired minister with 40 years in the ministry of Jesus Christ. He has a masters degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and his ministry these days is to wake up a sleeping giant – the New Testament Church in America.

Glynn Adams

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