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Editor and Longtime Friend Craig Miller Dead at 53

Wednesday, November 28, 2012; by Buddy Saunders

Our good friend and editor of Opinion Arlington, Craig Miller, died of a heart attack November 7th.

Along with Craig’s family and many friends, everyone here at Lone Star Comics continues to mourn his loss.  He was just 53 years old.

Folks in the popular culture community knew Craig from the magazines his company, Win-Mil Productions, published over the years. He edited and wrote much of the content for Following Cerebus (12 issues), Wrapped in Plastic (75 issues), Spectrum Magazine (35 issues), and Renegade Rabbit (5 issues).

Craig was my first employee at Lone Star Comics, coming to work for me back in 1977. In those days the Lone Star Comics warehouse was my two car garage, and there Craig would join me to pull comic orders after he completed classes at UTA. Craig continued to work for Lone Star off and on right up to the end. During that time he became one of my best and most trusted friends, and a man I will always admire.

In addition to working for Lone Star Comics, Craig had recently taken over as editor of Opinion Arlington, making a unique contribution as only Craig could, as we covered the doings and misdoings of our local government. Craig was also the PTA president at the school attended by his daughter.

Craig was a marvelous friend who shared our love of comics and all things related. He was always informed and could talk about anything from comics and popular culture to politics and religion, all without ruffling feathers.

But above all Craig was the finest father I will ever know. In losing Craig so early in his life we’ve all lost something that can’t be replaced, but the greatest tragedy is that his daughter Jennifer has lost her father.  Craig was a Christian, certain in his faith, so in that thought we know he has gone to a better place even as he abides always in our hearts.

Faith Bussey has assumed Craig’s editorial duties.  While Craig remains terribly missed, we are sure Faith will ably pick up where Craig left off.

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