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Islam Watch: How Islam Erased Christianity from History

How Islam Erased Christianity from History

Friday, April 1, 2016,

Islam Watch provides a sampling of internet columns dealing with the threat Islam poses to our city, state, and nation.  Not all Muslims are jihadists, but all jihadists are Muslims. 81% of Muslims surveyed by Al Jazeera support ISIS. Any nation that imports Islam imports with it an inevitably dangerous minority.

Points to ponder:


How Islam Erased Christianity from History


Defeating Hamas in America


Egyptian Dhimmitude: Christian Official Lures Child Back to Muslim Grandfather and Orders Her to ‘Remove the Cross’


Understanding the Hijab


Why the Left Loathes Western Civilization, but Loves Islam


Robert Kaplan: ‘Europe Was Defined By Islam. And Islam Is Redefining It Now.’


I Love Islam

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