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God is Sovereign and He Gives Us the Leaders We Deserve


Friday, April 29, 2016, by Glynn Adams

I believe God is sovereign and I believe He gives us leaders we deserve or desire.  Whether you like this candidate or another, it does not matter; God likes them because each serves His purpose—Donald Trump, with the better possibility of positive change, and Hillary Clinton, as God’s rod of correction on America.

Consider if the choice is Hillary Clinton.  Her election will be the continuation of President Obama’s ideology, an ideology designed to destroy this nation.  The radical Muslim Brotherhood will continue to exert influence in the FBI, CIA, TSA, Homeland Security, Military, and State Department, as well as the White House.  They will continue to have access to our most secret documents even as they continue their insurgency within this nation.

Hillary Clinton will for certain place on the SCOTUS another Communist/Marxist/Socialist ideologue who will disregard the Constitution and make law which tilts the court ever more to the left.  Obamacare will remain in place and unchanged.  Obama did not create any jobs; neither will Hillary Clinton.  Rather, she promised the miners in West Virginia and Ohio that she will shut down more mines, idling more workers.  Radical solutions to the non-problem of “global warming” will be implemented.  Our sovereignty will be lost to the United Nations.  Obama did not close the border and neither will Hillary Clinton.  Illegals will continue to have welfare benefits, and “refugees” will continue to flood this nation under the Clinton Administration.

The war on ISIS will continue to drag out, and this enemy will grow stronger under Hillary Clinton.  More Christians will be murdered and persecuted.  Our friends will continue to distrust us, spending and debt will continue, our nation will be for sale, homosexuals, trans-genders, and perversions of all sort will flourish under the Clinton Administration.  The loss of our freedoms will continue to escalate, trade policies will hurt the working man, VA hospitals will remain deficient, and our military will be further degraded, all this under a Hillary Clinton administration.

Now consider the other choice, Donald Trump.   Even given his flaws, all of them, there is no way he is worse than Hillary Clinton.  We must put our disappointments, hurt feelings, and un-forgiveness behind us.  We must pray and unite and disregard these negative criticisms of Donald Trump by the elite media and so-called conservatives.

The truth is that God has given us two choices.  One, Donald Trump, offers us the possibility of change, the other, Hillary Clinton, the certainty that the worst is yet to come.  We really don’t know how Donald Trump will govern.  But we do know Hillary.

Will Donald Trump close the border as he promised? Will he stimulate private sector job growth as promised?  Will Trump end unfair trade policies that hurt America?  Will he change the Veterans Administration?  Will he appoint strict constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court? If Donald Trump honors these and other similar promises and pledges, then he will indeed have begun the process of making America great again.

But we know now, we know absolutely, that Hillary Clinton will not do these things.

Donald Trump, in all his political incorrectness, offers America a better than average chance of stopping our nation’s downward slide into socialism.

Have you ever wondered why all these so-called conservatives and government officials don’t want Donald Trump as President?  Donald Trump has said he will investigate where the money has gone and what has been going on with the partnership between government and businesses in America.   If he does, then someone is going to jail because a lot of money has been wasted and corrupt favors granted.

Provided we don’t have martial law before November, I believe God has given us two choices.  Hillary Clinton does not require any faith. We know for certainty how she will govern. And Donald Trump? We are going to have to trust God that Mr. Trump as President Trump will do what he says he will do.

Another thing is for certain—if we continue to sit on our hands as we have in the past, and if we refuse to get involved in the affairs in this nation, if we fail to speak up and influence our leaders, they will as before continue to disappoint us yet again, even and including Donald Trump.

God bless, I remain His servant and watchman,

One Response to God is Sovereign and He Gives Us the Leaders We Deserve

  1. J. Downey

    May 6, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    Is the hand of God on the Donald’s shoulder?


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