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About Us

Some papers are shills for big government. Some prefer not to step on political toes. We are Opinion Arlington, where ideas are welcome and where we cater to no politician, special interest, good old boy, crony capitalist, or advertiser. We don’t need your money. But we are looking for opinion makers with something to say about Arlington. Watch Opinion Arlington grow via good ideas from good citizens!

You may not always agree with us, but you will always know where we stand on issues. That is our pledge to you.


We pledge the following to you, our most appreciated readers:

1)      We will never ask you for money.  Opinion Arlington was created by citizens just like you, folks who love their city even as they advocate for better city government.

2)      We will never share your email or other information with anyone or any other site.


Here’s how you can help guide your city without even leaving the comfort and convenience of your home:

1)      Sign up to receive our Friday emails.  While our focus is Arlington, you’ll find some state and local columns covering issues that affect you.

2)      Tell others about Opinion Arlington.  We have Opinion Arlington business cards you can pass out to friends or place on the sales counter of your business.  To get a supply of Opinion Arlington cards, just email us at, give us your mailing address, tell us how many cards you want, and we’ll mail them to you.

3)      Vote in city elections.  Opinion Arlington’s How Your Council Voted and Voter’s Guide pages makes staying informed easy. We’ll keep the 2013 Voter’s Guide up so newcomers can see where the candidates stood on issues, and note that Mayor Cluck refused to participate.  We will also update the How Your City Council Voted page each time there is a vote that significantly impacts citizens.

4)      Email the Mayor and City Council when you have a question or concern.  Our site makes it EASY. Let them know where you stand on issues. Do this before the Council votes.

5)      We do not recommend attending City Council public hearings. At that point the Council has already decided how they plan to vote and any opposition to the agenda is given shrift by our current Mayor.

6)      Opinion Arlington does attend all City Council planning meeting and public hearing. We’ll do our best to keep you informed.