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Paul Gleiser







“Today, broadcaster and listener can maintain a dialogue. And that’s what this portion of is about. I’ll put the proposition out there. You feel free to agree, disagree or amplify. This is YOUR forum. So YOU TELL ME.”

When I was a young man trying to break in to the radio business, one of the biggest radio stations in the country was Dallas’s KLIF 1190 AM.

The station was owned by broadcasting pioneer Gordon McLendon.  McLendon was known for his sharply-written editorials. Those editorials were, however, a one-way street. There was no practical way for the listener to respond.

But that is no longer the case. With the the advent of the Internet, lectures have turned into dialogues.
That’s my hope for my website. I say what’s on my mind. You respond by saying what’s on yours.

That’s why we call it You Tell Me

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